Bank Reconciliations & Credit Card Reconciliations

Bank Reconciliation

If you’ve ever had a check bounce, then you know how important it is to keep careful track of your financial records. With our bank reconciliation services, you can do just that. Bank reconciliation is the process of matching your bank transactions with your book transactions—in other words, it ensures that the information in your books is the same as what your bank has on-file. By catching and reconciling any differences between the two, you can detect acts of fraud and prevent bounced checks or overdraft fees.

With bank reconciliation services from Bookkeepers Plus!, you can also do the following:

  • Record sales and revenue deposits in the bank
  • Pay bills by sending checks electronically
  • Match your bank statements with your inhouse financial records

Credit Card Reconciliation

Credit card reconciliation is similar to bank reconciliation. The difference between the two is that credit card reconciliation ensures that your credit card statements match your inhouse financial records, while bank reconciliation matches your inhouse financial records with your bank statements. This will verify the accuracy of your financial records, preventing costly mistakes down the line.

At Bookkeepers Plus!, our credit card reconciliation services provide the following:

  • Allocate credit card charges to the proper expense category
  • Automated interface with credit card companies
  • The ability to download transactions without having someone re-key them in
  • Use your credit card information to integrate that information with your books on-site or remotely

Why Bookkeepers Plus?

Bookkeepers Plus! has a team of professionals working to provide you and your business with the best bookkeeping services possible. We are efficient, cost-effective, and have consistently provided top-notch services for over 25 years. Just take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us, or give us a call today to get your business’ bookkeeping back on track.


On Site Services:

A Bookkeeper will be assigned to handle your account. You will have the same qualified bookkeeper come to your office on a weekly of bi-weekly basis to perform all your bookkeeping needs. Your bookkeeper will work un-disturbed by office distractions, and can perform the work in record time and efficiency. You will have a personally dedicated professional to take care of your books supervised off-site by a U.S. CPA in New Jersey. All Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax issues will be processed through the CPA to assure that your books are in proper order for your tax preparer, and in accordance with IRS and Accounting standards. CPA services are the plus to the Bookkeeping services and they come at no charge.


These on-site bookkeeping services are billed bi-weekly on an hourly basis only for time spent working at your location. Bookkeepers are employees of Bookkeepers Plus and are therefore covered under workers comp insurance. In addition, we have professional liability insurance.


 Remote services in the cloud.

We also provide remote services for your bookkeeping needs. By using Quickbooks On Line software we will maintain your bookkeeping records in the cloud allowing you 24/7 access to your information. We can do everything “paperless”. All information is safe and secure and data-loss will never be an issue.