Our Staff

Tom is the President and shareholder of Bookkeepers Plus

Tom is a CPA in NJ and PA and holds a BS Degree in Accounting from the City University of New York.

Tom has worked in Corporate America as Chief Financial Officer and Controller for several large Corporations.

Tom started Bookkeepers Plus in 1994 to fill the needs of the business community. Low cost, efficient bookkeeping services for small to mid-sized companies and service organizations.





Nancy is a full-charge bookkeeper

Nancy joined Bookkeepers Plus in 2001 and has been a proven asset to the organization in her professionalism and attention to details servicing various types of client organizations with her utmost ethical standards.








Ron is a CPA and is working as a full-charge bookkeeper

Ron has recently joined Bookkeepers Plus in 2019 after leaving the world of Corporate Accounting as CFO for a very large Corporation. Ron is currently servicing various types of client organizations with his professionalism and extensive knowledge as a CPA.





Martha is a full-charge bookkeeper

Martha has been with Bookkeepers Plus since 2009 servicing various types of client organizations with her extensive experience and professionalism.








Bonnie is a full-charge bookkeeper

Bonnie has been a trusted employee of Bookkeepers Plus since 2002 servicing various types of client organizations with the utmost ethical standards.






Mary Ann

After graduating from Vocational High School as a nurse, Mary Ann worked as an LPN. Before she began her career in nursing Mary Ann worked as a bookkeeper for Bank of America and for a small Accounting firm. Mary Ann had an impressive career in nursing for over 30 years and retired from nursing in 2019.

Mary Ann lived in Florida for 15 years where she married, and had two children, while continuing her career in nursing. She kept her hands in bookkeeping by maintaining Quickbooks for her husband’s landscaping business.

Mary Ann moved to New Jersey in 2004 and continued her nursing career working with several Insurance Companies reviewing medical claims.

It was in 2019 that Mary Ann retired from nursing, and wanted to return to her true passion for numbers. It was at that time that she joined Bookkeepers Plus as a part-time bookkeeper.

Mary Ann is a welcome addition to our staff, and we are fortunate to have such a diligent and seasoned employee.