Bookkeepers Plus! has been a great help in paying our bills and keeping our accounting in QuickBooks up to date and accurate. Their staff is efficient, knowledgeable and works hard in producing timely reports that are relevant to the work of our Finance Committee. Bookkeepers Plus! is flexible and will adjust their services to meet our needs. Our bookkeeper is conscientious and thorough. When there have been problems with our payroll company, our bookkeeper has reviewed the reports and dealt directly with the payroll company on our behalf.

Barbara Smith
Mobile Meals of Trenton/Ewing - NPO

Prior to using Bookkeepers Plus! we had a full-time business/office manager handling the bookkeeping. We have since downsized both the number of people and our office space and it made sense to use a service like Bookkeepers Plus! Our bookkeeper is very competent and familiar with our software program. A CPA was also available to work with us on developing a budget and helped to get answers to some more complex questions which are outside of the expertise of a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers Plus! is very economical costing much less than the salary and benefits of an employee. What a great combination of CPA and bookkeeper.

Joe Roney
New Jersey Pharmacists’ Association

Prior to using Bookkeepers Plus! we were maintaining our own books. Then we learned about Bookkeepers Plus!. Using Bookkeepers Plus! just made a lot of sense when we compared their rate versus our time which is billed at a much higher rate. We had checked out other outsourced bookkeeping services, but only Bookkeepers Plus! has the benefit of the bookkeeping skills along with access to a CPA. What’s great for us is that they have experience with PCLaw, the accounting program specifically for law firms. They are affordable, your bookkeeper shows up on time and they work around my schedule.

Kevin Pollock
Law Firm of Thompson & Pollock

Since many small business owners do not have an accounting background a strong bookkeeper is very important. Bookkeepers Plus! provides a pool of experienced part-time bookkeepers to small business owners. Our firm prefers not to perform bookkeeping services. Bookkeepers Plus! has worked well with our clients in need of their services.

Kevin Owens
Wills, Owens & Baker, P.C.

Prior to using Bookkeepers Plus! we had a person on staff who handled all of the bookkeeping work. Since finding Bookkeepers Plus! we were able to reduce our staff and save on administrative expenses. The highly skilled bookkeeper comes in and gets the job done efficiently. There is no staff to supervise and with Bookkeepers Plus! there is flexibility to meet our needs.

Linda Leyhane
Crawford House

Until I saw the ad for Bookkeepers Plus! I didn’t know that such a wonderful service existed. Prior to using Bookkeepers Plus! one of the partners in our firm was handling the bookkeeping and frankly, it was a major pain in the neck – not to mention not cost effective. We then hired a part-time bookkeeper 2 days a week. This too was not efficient. We had another person to manage and we saw a lot of chatting going on – again wasting time and money. With Bookkeepers Plus! we have a very professional and efficient bookkeeper.

Lucy Halter
Principal in O’Neill & Associates Insurance